1.28 GPF Toilet Tank - Cimarron, White

110328 MFG #: K-5692-0
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The Kohler Touchless Toilet is the No-Touch Flush for Home; Just Hold Hand Over the Tank Sensor to Activate the Flush; No Handle to Touch Means Fewer Germs to Pick up or Leave Behind; This Cimarron Tank Features Innovative Aquapiston Technology, a Patented Flush Engine that Delivers a Fast, Powerful and Virtually Plug-Free Flush; Coordinates with Other Products in the Cimarron Collection; Touchless Module Projects a Field Through the Top of the Tank Lid that Senses Hand, Causing the Toilet to Flush; Single-Flush Gravity Uses the Force of Gravity and a Precision-Engineered Tank, Bowl and Trapway to Create a Strong Siphon During Flushing; Aquapiston Canister Allows Water to Flow into the Bowl from All Sides (360 Degrees), Increasing the Power and Effectiveness of the Flush; Flush Valves 3:2 Ratio Harnesses the Natural Force of Gravity and Optimizes Flush Performance; Durable Canister Design has 90 Percent Less Exposed Seal Material than a 3" Flapper, for Leak-Free Performance; Watersense Toilets Meet Strict EPA Flushing Guidelines, Including Using at Least 20 Percent Less Water than 1.6-Gallon Toilets; Eligible for Consumer Rebates in Some Municipalities; 1 Year Limited Warranty
Toilet Tank; Length 7-3/8"; Width 16-1/2"; Height 12"; Color/Finish White; Gallons per Flush 1.28; Cover Lock Supplied No; Tank Lining Supplied No; Inclusions/Features Flush Valve, Touchless, AquaPiston Canister; Used On Item Toilet; Used On Model/Brand K-6418, Cimarron; Applicable Standard ASME A112.19.2/CSA B45.1, UL, EPA; Type Single Flush; Warranty 1 Year Limited