1-1/4" Molded Polyethylene 4710/Bimodal 3408 90D Elbow

256035 MFG #: PC50988
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1-Piece Construction for Elbows, 3-Way Tees and Wyes; Unique Configuration for Wye Couplings (45 Degree Angle); Industries Leading Stab Coupling for PE Joining; No Special Tools or Training; No Need for Generators or Other Costly Installation Equipment; Reduced Trench/Ditch Size for Permasert Installations; Independent Gripping Collet and Elastomeric Seals; Great for Split Services, Especially in Tight Spots for Trenching; Total Installed Cost Savings Versus Electrofusion and Heat-Fusion Joining Methods; Fast and Easy Installation in Less than a Minute; Reduces Excavation and Restoration Costs Versus Fusion Methods; Non Corrosive Couplings and Components Provide Outstanding Long Term Performance, Eliminating the Need for Special Coatings and Cathodic Protection; Minimal Stress is Applied to the PE Piping; Couplings have a Pull-Out Strength Greater than the Connected PE Piping; Safe, Dependable Performance for More than 30 Year with More than 40 Million Permasert Couplings Installed Around the World
Elbow Fitting; Angle 90 Degree; Size A 1-1/4"; Size B 1-1/4"; Schedule SDR 11; End Connection Threaded x Threaded; Material Polyethylene 4710/Bimodal 3408; Material Specification ASTM D2513; Process Molded; Application Gas, Electricity, Water Industries; Applicable Standard CSA B 137.4, UPC, IAPMO, ISO 4437, DVGW VP 600, NFPA 58, NFT 54 069/54 067