National Hug a Plumber Day 2021 - How to Celebrate During the Pandemic

Even if we don't express it often, many of us are immensely grateful for the work our plumbers do. 

As your tension lifts after a plumbing emergency, you may be feeling so relieved that you want to pull your plumber into a big bear hug. 

Most years, on April 25, you'd have the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation on National Hug a Plumber Day. However, in 2021, social distancing can make celebrating this holiday a bit more difficult.

Even if you can't embrace your plumber this year, there are some other ways you can acknowledge your plumber. 

Here's how you can appreciate plumbers safely on National Hug a Plumber Day 2021.

1. Write a Thank You Note

Don't be afraid to get personal! A thoughtful thank you note can remind your plumber how much you appreciate them.
Compliments and gratitude go a long way, and a handwritten letter can remind plumbers that they're appreciated on the hard days.
Point out the details that make you appreciate your plumber so much and remind them how valued their work is to your family. Plus, a thank you drawing from your kids adds to the heartfelt gesture and gives plumbers something to display in their offices. 

2. Refer Your Plumber to Friends and Family

Helping your plumber get more work is a great way to acknowledge them. One of the easiest ways to help your plumber thrive is to refer them to your friends and family. 

Referrals are one of the primary ways that plumbers get new clients, and your glowing compliments can help your plumber gain more business. Many people trust referrals from their family, friends, and neighbors, so your recommendation goes a long way for your plumber.

3. Leave a Positive Online Review

While your friends and family may not need a plumber right away, people are always searching for highly rated plumbers online. Your kind words in a detailed review can help secure a new client for your plumber, which they're certain to appreciate.

It's always important to leave a review on Google when your plumber does excellent work. Sharing photos and posting your reviews on social media ensures that even more people see how great your plumber is. Using hashtags like #plumbers, #plumbing, #instaplumber, and #plumbinglife and geotagging your post can help expand your review's reach.

4. Acknowledge Your Plumber With a Gift Card

Coffee and lunch keep your plumber moving, so a gift card is a perfect way to show you care and appreciate their hard work.

Plumbers often receive late-night emergency calls, so many of these essential workers treasure that first sip of coffee in the morning. Even if they can't accept your hug this year, they'll gladly accept a free coffee or meal. Gift cards for drive-thru locations can make it even easier and safer for your plumber to use your gift in 2021, especially since they may be grabbing food between jobs.

Celebrate National Hug a Plumber Day 2021 Safely

Even if you can't hug your plumber this year, you can still show your plumber how much you appreciate them. Our Proudly Essential Pros deserve acknowledgment for their excellent work, and there are plenty of ways to say thank you.

At MORSCO, we know how important our Proudly Essential Pros are to keeping our homes clean and safe. But sometimes, it's easy for pros to forget how crucial their work is. Thanks for doing your part to appreciate plumbers and safely celebrate National Hug a Plumber Day this year!